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My path is Inspired by those I love, landscapes, art, images, design and architercture. 


My work finds its equilibrium in the tension between my conflicting ideas and thorough attention to the details of my creations.


The spirit of my creative ideas was born and nurtured during my many years abroad, my delightful youth and early adulthood.

Many hours and star filled nights pass and my ideas progress: the hard and soft sides of my character move me to develop my designs and give life to my creations.



Certain values are mandatory: a fair price and beautiful, handmade & natural products.

To order jewellery from by fleur de Jade is to experience and enjoy the fruits of boutique ateliers and sought after materials and colours.


I have the desire to create. I reflect on my way forward, I design, I erase and design again.

In 2014, my energy inspired me to create my first pieces.

It all starts with the intention of designing a unique piece, then a sketch, then choosing a semi-precious stone, a piece of leather, a cultured pearl, ...


by fleur de Jade, inspired by different cultures, projects a refined and unique look, presenting jewelry “cool chic”.


My creations are conceived in Cannes, on the south-east cost of France, on Franc's Cote d'Azur ( French Riviera).

All pieces of my collections, signed by fleur de Jade, are created on-site in Cannes, with quality materials direct from the grand artisan workshops in the surrounds of Marseille, France.


It is in these workshops that each metal piece is gilded with fine gold, silver or rhodium, in the tradition of French luxury production.



Each creation is made with 

by fleur de Jade - Labradorite
by fleur de Jade - Pyrite
by fleur de Jade - Quartz rose

To give birth to my pieces signed          I searched for the best of skills. 

I formed a creative collaboration, on several themes, with an Armenian craftsman. We created various prototypes designed with semi-precious stones. Their subtle details moved us to want to share them with you.


Design is a journey: a raw or carved stone, some leather, pearls of culture, some anti-allergy metal...

a desire to work and rework the métal material to form a stylish and modern piece of jewellery.


The same passion drives us to discover the various facets of our materials, in order to offer a style that is both vintage and pop, and a reflection of personal creativity.

The goal is to offer jewellery designed to be enjoyed from morning to night, a personal branded style, for everyday life, easy to wear, pieces to accompany you through the years.

A colourful, bold and wild look, yet very refined: by fleur de Jade is born!


Our passion is to ensure that our level of quality meets the traditional high standards of French luxury craftsmanship.





I was born and raised in Armenia with a passion for travel and discovering other cultures at home and abroad. During my university years I immersed in books to discover art and civilisations, which later lead me to stroll through mystical and unique neighbourhoods...narrow streets, monumental search of beautiful things... Later, all this discovery and beauty transformed into my personal view of ART.


Eclectic and exciting, all these beautiful things incite me to express myself through my creations ...

These images refine my little side rock, my taste for the free spirit of vintage and pop with notes of Armenian -Scandinavian elegance.

Then, the world of fashion, where I worked for many years, helped me realize my dream of launching my first collection of jewelry.

I adopted for my brand the look "chic cool", to present a sublime, pure and highly feminine allure for everyday enjoyment. 

Wearing art, yes it exists ... a young Cannes brand. The goal for me is to design pure joy into each collection to provide pleasure in wearing jewelry of our desires.


Beginning from an idea, and designing a piece of  jewelry, is so exciting and satisfying. And having a  "Label of my own",

is delightful!

The quality of our products

All small pieces, signed by fleur de Jade, are guaranteed without nickel, neither cadmium, nor lead.


For the collections           that are personally fabricated by the designer, A. Poghosyan, each piece is made exclusively by hand. Each stone is different, giving a unique character to each individual piece of jewellery.


The collections           designed and created in collaboration with our Armenian Craftsman, are high quality prototypes made exclusively by hand, where the base material, anti-allergy metal, is worked, chiseled, and hammered manually.  

Finally, the collections are created in the workshops of our high quality artisans in the southeast of France. Each piece is finished by hand, making it one of a kind, and then gilded with fine gold, silver or rhodium. 


The irregularities of our handmade products signify an authentic and genuine product.



by fleur de Jade!

Handmade articles by Artisans create jewellery that is asymetric, bold and with irregular forms and imperfections, voilà, the beauty of 
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